What to Expect

I believe in the importance of hiring someone who can capture your children and family’s personality.  As the mother of three children and having hired many professional photographers, I do understand the stress that can come about on the day of a photo shoot.  This is where I come in.  I love getting to know the children.  The first thing I will do is introduce myself to them on their level.  I will ask them questions and get to know them.  All of this happens before the camera comes out of my bag.  I know the importance of making a child feel comfortable in order to get those shots that make you say “wow, that is really his/her personality!”  I have been known to dance, make funny noises and sing any song that will work…all to create those smiles that show your child’s personality.  The best compliment I get is “we had so much fun at your photo shoot!”

The key to capturing unforgettable family pictures is allowing children to be so carefree and uninhibited—their natural state, of course!—that they forget I have a camera. When a session goes as it should because everyone is relaxed, I feel rewarded knowing I’ve touched a family’s heart and created art they’ll always treasure. I love hearing, “You’ve captured exactly who my daughter is,” “You’ve brought tears to my eyes,”or “WOW! We had a great time.”  What makes A Little Love Photography different is quite simple, actually: your experience is customized and hands-on from start to finish.

Before your Session ~ The Consultation

Our consultation will take place in my studio or over the phone (if you aren’t local) before your session. We will discuss your family’s style and personality, where you plan to hang your portraits, and the ideal location, possible props and clothing that will bring it all together. I’ll ask you to take photographs of the walls you are considering hanging your portraits on prior to our meeting, which will help in our session planning and allow you to digitally preview your images on your walls before ordering (how cool is that)! We will go through the products and customize a collection to suit your family’s needs and desires. All of this time and care before the session, helps to create truly beautiful finished results.

1-2 hour on-location photo session:

While our session will generally last about an hour, some children (and adults) may take a bit longer to warm up to my camera. I will work with you until I feel I’ve captured enough moments you will be pleased with. Your session will be a natural combination of unposed and posed portraits. I will gently coach you into poses that will encourage close interaction among family members but that is also perfect for the more formal portrait. I also have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve with the little busy ones. Please bring along any special props that are meaningful to your family. I like to keep things simple, but a special stuffed animal or a little wagon that is a family favorite, can make your photographs even more special.

The location:

The location we choose will affect the mood, lighting, and personal touch of your photos. We can both come up with ideas and make the final decision together. If your home is the most comfortable, or if you have a new arrival, areas in front of large windows or glass doors will provide beautiful natural light. Also, don’t be afraid to select unique settings such as an urban location that may have special meaning or unusual features.

After our session:

1-2 weeks following your session, I will schedule a reveal session with you (or send you a video slideshow and a proofing gallery if you are not local) of the best images from our session.  During this time, you will have the opportunity to digitally preview your finished artwork on the walls of your home, select frames, and receive help making some of those really tough decisions. My goal is to make the whole process from start to finish, stress-free and enjoyable.  Go to our Product & Design page and Investment page to learn more about your session and product options.
I look forward to this experience with you!