My Story

About Alicia

Hi, I’m Alicia. First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. However, I am also an Air Force veteran,  wife to an Army veteran & Texas State Trooper, a mommy to two beautiful daughters and one handsome son and a chaser of light who lives to record life’s most beautiful moments. I’m inspired by the uniqueness of people and have a talent for capturing their essence on film. I thank God for the opportunity to capture His children in such beautiful moments that are often taken for granted.

Choose me

I want to be your personal photographer. Choosing me for your special moment means a lot. Choosing me a second time means even more. It’s my honor to capture those special moments that last a lifetime.

Creative vision, style, bold imagery

These are words that describe my work. I bring to life qualities often ignored by other photographers.


I’ve worked in many settings, my personality helps bring out the depth of my subjects. I have experience from family portraits to boudoirs and a vast array of other genres and situations in between. However,I specialize in documenting your new life story, from maternity to your littles growing stages.

Photography isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. Whether it’s a school event, family reunion, pet portraits, or newborn photos, I want to be the photographer you always call on.

About Alicia

Photo credit: Dream of the Lost (top photo) & June Bug Photography (bottom photo)